About Us

About the company

Scope Real Estate company is an Egyptian Joint stock company and it is one of the biggest companies in real estate investment and development field in New Cairo .Accordingly,  it works  subject to firm Vision and a strategy  stem from Faith that  our client is entitled to receive the maximum possible value out of our projects that we establish . Arriving at that purpose, our integrated team communicate and co-operate with our clients to realise high performance and utmost satisfaction.

Our vision

Scope will be a pioneer in real estate development in Middle East, fulfilling our client’s needs, designing, establishing, and managing the projects subject to quality and sustainable regulatory policies to enrich company’s share and identity.

Our mission

We undertake building long term relationships through the projects that we deliver based on credibility, commitment, integrity, values, satisfaction and the added values for all our employees, shareholders, client and society.

Real estate investment in Scope Company is not a profitable commercial business at the first place as we consider delivering our projects at high quality within deadline alongside our customer’s satisfaction are our real profits which are not less valuable than other profits.

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